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Breast reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery

Restoration of aesthetics and body functions after oncology, injuries, serious diseases.

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Conclusiveness

What is reconstructive surgery?

The reconstructive surgery is focused on restoring the shape and function of organs that were injured as a result of trauma, infection, tumour or congenital anomaly.

Below are the examples of reconstructive surgical interventions:

  1. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy (removal of the breast because of cancer);
  2. Reconstruction of the nose after cancer, injury or dog bite.
  3. Mandibular reconstruction.

Plastic surgery includes two principal areas: aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Both breast augmentation and breast reconstruction belong to the specialty of plastic surgery. It is noteworthy that 99.9% of plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation, while only 0.1% are able to perform breast reconstruction surgery.

Our centre specializes in reconstructive surgery, including microsurgery.

What is microsurgery?

Microsurgery is a specialty within the reconstructive surgery. Microsurgical surgery is performed under the microscope powered up to 40X magnification. Microsurgery makes it possible to suture together tiny vessels with a diameter of a human hair.

Microsurgery immensely expands the area of possible interventions for a plastic surgeon. It is the cutting edge of professional surgical skills development. A specialist in microsurgery selects treatment tactics that are not limited by traditional surgical method, but based on indications for surgery and appropriate to a patient’s needs.

For example, breast reconstruction can be performed with the use of an expander or by way of abdominal flap transplantation. A surgeon who does not have qualification in flap transplantation microsurgery would insist on using an expander. However, evidence demonstrates that in the majority of cases, microsurgical reconstruction techniques provide the best long-term results.

Our specialists Alexey Dikarev and Anton Lesnyakov are founders of Microsurgery Specialist Training Centre, the first centre in the Russian Federation that teaches microsurgery technique skills.

At Alexey Dikarev’s Centre for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the following types of reconstructive surgery are performed:

Breast reconstruction

Reconstruction of nipple, areola and breast after mastectomy.

Reconstruction of the mandible

Mandible microsurgical reconstruction

Nose reconstruction

Restoration of shape and function of injured or absent nose

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