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Lower facial lift: before/after photos

Neck lift

Endoscopic neck lift. Results after six months.

Neck lift, 60 y.o.

Space lifting

Space lifting by Mendelson’s method

This plastic surgery included:

  1. Space lifting
  2. Neck lift
  3. Neck liposuction

Two weeks after the surgery, bruises are still visible. The recovery process depends on a patient’s individual features: in some cases, swelling and bruising disappear within a week.

Space lifting, 55 y.o.

This plastic surgery included:

  1. Space lifting in my modification (the patent is pending).
  2. Anterior platysmaplasty.
  3. Neck liposuction.
  4. Lips lipofilling.

After just one month, the scars are still visible. Of course, they will disappear.

Lower facial lift with placement of an implant

The plastic surgery includes:

  1. Space lifting
  2. Enhancement of the chin with an implant
  3. Anterior platysmaplasty

The implant is inserted under the periosteum. It increases support for soft tissues. Silicone implants that are not attached to the facial bones do not provide such support and accelerate the process of soft tissue sagging in the long term

Chin lift

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