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Nasal hump rhinoplasty

(Nasal dorsal hump plastic surgery, nasal hump removal, nasal hump correction)

This surgical procedure is focused on improving the appearance of the nose along with its inner anatomy, to improve nasal breathing.

Alexey Dikarev
Alexey Dikarev,
A leading plastic surgeon specializing in nasal hump rhinoplasty
Recovery period1 month
Stitches are removed after 7 to 10 days
Bruises5 to 6 days
Swelling7 to 10 days
Removal of protector shield and inner splints after 7 to 10 days

What is nasal hump?

Nasal hump is a bump that is developed on the border between the nasal bone and the upper lateral cartilage. The nasal hump is visible in profile. It is often associated with curved nasal septum and difficulty breathing.

Ринопластика горбинки носа в Сочи

Causes of nasal hump development

1. Nasal hump is genetic and inherited.

2. Nasal hump develops after an injury or a fracture, because the bones and cartilages healed in a wrong position.

3. Failed previous rhynoplasty: a nasal hump can appear as a result of poorly planned surgery. In this case, the second surgery is needed, but not earlier than after one year.

How to correct a nasal hump?

There are two methods of nasal hump correction

  1. Contour correction
  2. Plastic surgery

The contour correction can level the nasal dorsum. To this purpose, a special filler is injected below and above the hump through a thin needle, to fill the subcutaneous area and even out the contour of nasal dorsum. The effect of this procedure lasts for about one year, and after that it needs to be repeated. The contour correction does not help with breathing or of nasal septum deformities. It has only aesthetic effects that temporarily mask the problem.

Plastic surgery can solve all the problems once and for all:

  • removing the hump
  • fixing the nasal septum
  • improving nasal breathing.

Open or closed nasal hump rhinoplasty

In the open nasal hump rhinoplasty, the incision goes through nasal passages inside the nose and along the columella. The columella is a bridge of tissue that separates the nostrils. In the closed rhinoplasty the incision goes only through nasal passages.

Открытая и закрытая пластика горбинки носа в Сочи
Open and closed nasal hump rhinoplasty

The most common surgery is open nasal hump rhinoplasty. This method guarantees predictable results and makes it possible to modify the inner anatomy of the nose with precision.

Phases of nasal hump rhinoplasty

The surgical procedure includes four phases:

Septoplasty : correction of nasal septum

Septiplasty helps improve nasal breathing and eliminate various problems caused by deformities of nasal septum:

  • Chronic rhinitis
  • Stuffed nose
  • Snoring

Levelling the nasal dorsum

To remove the hump, a scalpel and an osteotome chisel are used.

The osteotome chisel is a surgical instrument used for cutting bones. A plastic surgeon removes the cartilage tissue with a scalpel, and the nasal bone is dissected with an osteotome chisel.

Stabilization of nasal dorsum

To set the nasal septum in place, to expand nasal passages and improve nasal breathing, the surgeon uses the grafts that he cuts from the nasal septum.

  • two straps are cut from the septum
  • the grafts are formed
  • these grafts are put into place and stitched to the septum and nasal cartilage

Stabilization of the nasal tip

To stabilize the nasal tip, the plastic surgeon uses a graft made of a piece of septum. The graft is placed between the cartilages of the nose wings and stitched to the septum to ensure solidity.

Rehabilitation after nasal hump rhinoplasty

For our patients, we have prepared detailed Rehabilitation Guidelines after nasal hump rhinoplasty: daily schedules of activities, detailed comments on all relevant medications and procedures along with general recommendations.

Your doctor
A leading plastic surgeon specializing in nasal hump rhinoplasty

This surgical procedure is focused on improving the appearance of the nose along with its inner anatomy, to improve nasal breathing.

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