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(Neck lift, neck plastic surgery, neck platysmaplasty)

This surgical procedure is focused on restoring the contour of the lower face contour and removing other signs of the neck skin ageing.

Alexey Dikarev
Alexey Dikarev,
A leading specialist in Platysmaplasty
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration from 1 hrs to 1.5 hrs
Residency from 3 days
Rehabilitation period1 month
Drain removal1 day after the surgery
Sutures removalin 10 to 14 days
Elastic bandage recommended for 3 to 4 weeks
Final results are assessed after 2 to 3 months

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What is platysmaplasty?

Platysma is a subcutaneous neck muscle that is situated between the jaw and chest. Its function is to move the mouth, lip and mandible downward. With age, the platysma weakens and gets outstretched. To recover the normal tone in the platysma, surgeons use platysmaplasty or neck lift.

Платизмопластика в Сочи

What problems are solved by platysmaplasty?

Medial platysmaplasty

Medial platysmaplasty is performed if there is a significant gap (dehiscence) between two central margins of platisma.

Surgery phases:

The edges of the platysma are sutured.

Пластика шеи, платизмопластика в Сочи
Medial platysmaplasty ©Christine Gralapp

Lateral platysmaplasty

This method is also known as endoscopic neck lift, because endoscopic equipment is sometimes used during the surgery.

Surgery phases:

  • The plastic surgeon makes an incision in the area of temple; the incision goes round the ear and ends behind it.
  • The platysma is separated.
  • Excessive fat tissue is removed
  • The platysma is tightened, then fixed at the area behind the ear.

Платизмопластика, пластика шеи в Сочи

Platysmaplasty price list

65 000 rub
Total platysmaplasty
97 000 rub
Decorative elementDecorative element
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