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Nose reconstruction

(Restoration of the nose)

Nasal reconstruction means repairing the shape and function of the nose if it is injured or lacking.

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Alexey Dikarev,
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Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration from 1 hrs to 2 hrs
Residency from 2 to 3 days

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What is nasal reconstruction

Nasal reconstruction is a plastic surgery aimed to restore the shape and functions of the nose. Nasal reconstruction is different from rhinoplasty, because of the greater scope of intervention and a different technique.

Impairments of the nose shape and function can happen as a result of:

Broken nose reconstruction

The reconstruction of a broken nose can be performed in one surgery.

Some extra cartilage tissue may be required for the surgery. It is taken from the patient’s ear pavilion or rib.

Nasal reconstruction is performed only by open access, with the incision along the columella.

Открытая ринопластика носа в Сочи
Open rhinoplasty ©

After the scar is healed, it becomes invisible.

The recovery after the nasal reconstruction is not different from rhinoplasty:

1. On the third day, a patient can get discharged from the clinic (we recommend staying in until the sutures are removed)

2. There are no bruises at all, or the bruises go away over the first 5 days.

3. Sutures, protecting plate and splints are removed on the 7th day.

4. The swelling subsides over 5 to 10 days.

5. The final results are assessed in 1 to 2 months.

Nasal reconstruction with a forehead graft

What is nasal recontruction with a forehead graft

Лобный лоскут для восстановления наружного носа
Diagram of nasal reconstruction with a forehead graft ©Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013

The reconstruction is carried out in 3 phases:

1. A graft is taken from the patient’s forehead, turned over, used to close the nasal defect, and secured with stitches.

2. Excessive soft tissues are removed.

3. A final touch up surgery.

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Nasal reconstruction price list

Nasal reconstruction, phase 1
162 000 rub
Nasal reconstruction, phase 2
130 000 rub
Nasal reconstruction, phase 3
86 000 rub
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