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(Liposculpture, body contouring, fat transfer)

This surgerical procedure focuses on transferring excessive fat tissue from problem areas to the areas to be corrected.

Anton Lesnyakov
Anton Lesnyakov,
A leading plastic surgeon specializing in lipomodelling
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration from 1 hrs to 4 hrs
Residency from 2 to 3 days
Recovery period1 month
Sutures removal in 8 to 10 days
Compression underwear recommended for 1 month
Final resultin 4 to 6 months

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What is lipomodelling?

Lipomodelling combines the surgerical procedures of liposuction and lipofilling.

First,excessive fat tissue is removed through small incisions with cannulas. This procedure is called liposuction. Then, this fat is injected into areas that are not shapely enough.

The area which the fat is taken from is called a donor zone because it provides fat cells. The area that needs to be enhanced is called a recipient zone.

Lipomodelling has multiple aesthetical benefits, as it improves the appearance of both donor and recipient zones

Indications for lipomodelling

  • Various defects that appeared after childbirth, or after surgeries and injuries.
  • Disfigured or irregular surface or shape of buttocks, abdomen, thighs or legs.
  • Sunken cheeks, flat cheekbones, irregular facial contour.
  • Knock-knees

Areas for lipomodelling

During a single surgery you can get several problem areas corrected.

For example:

  • To remove excessive fat from the abdomen, and to add some volume to the buttocks.
  • To remove fat from saddlebags, and increase the volume of lips and cheeks
  • To remove fat from the back, and add to the knee zone.
Липомоделирование тела в Сочи
Areas for lipomodelling ©

Phases of lipomodelling

Fat removal

1. First, the plastic surgeon injects a special solution that makes it easier to strip fat cells.

2. Small incisions are made on the skin

3. A cannula connected to the special device is introduced into subcutaneous tissue through the incision.

4. The surgeon moves the cannula in the subcutaneous tissue in radiating movements, to break up fat cells.

5. The fat tissue is collected into a special container.

Липомоделирование тела в Сочи
Removal of fat cells ©

Getting ready for the fat transfer

To get the grafted fat optimally established in the new place, the fat tissue should be cleansed of any remainders of blood or lymph. The fat cells are separated from contaminants in a centrifuge until smooth and homogenous, free of chunks or globules.

Fat cells grafting

The prepared fatty tissue is drawn into a syringe and then injected into problem areas. The punctures are made on various depths, so that the fat gets softly distributed to achieve the needed volume and contours.

Липомоделирование тела до/после в Сочи
Process of lipomodelling ©
  • Lipomodelling combines two methods in one, to solve several problems.
  • The body does not reject its own fat, which does not trigger allergic reactions.
  • From all the injected fat tissue, 50 to 70 percent get grafted.
  • For lipomodelling, patients needs to have sufficient amount of their own fat deposits. Other person’s cells would not work. It means that it is impossible to collect some fat from your friend or sister and introduce it into your body.

Цены на липомоделировнаие

Stomach Liposuction

of 6 zones 10cm x 10 cm

от 192 000 rub
Waist and Sides Liposuction

of 4 zones 10 cm x 10 cm

от 128 000 rub
Hands Liposuction

of 3 zones 10 cm x 10 cm

от 96 000 rub
Liposuction of a zone over a knee

2 zones 10 cm x 10 cm

от 64 000 rub
Buttocks Lipofiling

of 5 zones 10 cm x 10 cm, including liposuction

от 240 000 rub
Breast enlargement by lipofilling
от 192 000 rub
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A leading plastic surgeon specializing in lipomodelling

This surgerical procedure focuses on transferring excessive fat tissue from problem areas to the areas to be corrected.

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