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Feminine genital plastic surgery

(Labioplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty, vaginal plastic surgery)

The surgery is focused on the aesthetic correction of feminine genital area/

Sergey Toporov
Sergey Toporov,
A leading plastic surgeon specializing in feminine genital plastic surgery
Anesthesia Narcosis, Sedation
Surgery duration from 30 min to 1 hrs
Residency from 2 days

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What problems can be solved by feminine genital plastic surgery?

1. Correction of shape and size of outer labia or minor labia.

2. Discomfort while putting on and wearing underwear.

3. Flabby or asymmetric skin

4. Pain in genital area during sexual intercourse or exercising.

5. Fused labia


Labioplasty is a correction of outer labia or minor labia.

The surgery can solve aesthetic problems related to visible defects of female genital area.

It is indicated in asymmetry or painful enlargement of outer labia or minor labia.

During the surgery, a surgeon removes excessive tissues from outer labia or minor labia, to restore a harmonious appearance of genital area, where the minor labia are fully covered with outer labia.

Clitoris correction

A clitoris that is too small or too large can cause a lack of orgasm and other problems in sexual life.

Based on patients’ preferences, a plastic surgeon can perform the following surgical procedures on the clitoris:

  • Reduction: removal of excessive tissue to make the clitoris look more aesthetically appealing;
  • Enlargement: removal of excessive tissue of the clitoris;
  • Change of the clitoris position; changing the clitoris position in relation to labia and vagina.

Surgical defloration

This surgical procedure is performed if natural defloration is impossible because the hymen is too dense or too thick.

For women older than 30, this surgery is necessary to prevent potential complications.

This surgical procedure is focused on piercing or removing the hymen.


Hymenoplasty is the restoration of the hymen. Hymenoplasty can be short-term, in which case, a plastic surgeon stitches together the remaining partsof the hymen with dissolvable stitches. In this case, the result will last 14 to 20 days.

In long-term hymenoplasty, a plastic surgeon models the hymen from parts of epithelial and vaginal tissue. The result lasts till the first sexual intercourse.

Pubic liposuction

This procedure is focused on the removal of excessive fat in the pubic area. This surgery is most often needed in women after weight loss.

During the surgery, a plastic surgeon makes 2 small incisions in the pubic area and removes the excessive fat through a cannula.

G spot enhancement

As a result, G spot gets more accessible for stimulation, and the vagina becomes narrower. This procedure enhances sensitivity and enjoyment during sexual intercourse.

G spot can be enhanced by two methods:

1. G spot enhancement with hyaluronic acid: injection of a hyaluronic-based filler

2. G spot enhancement with lipofilling: injection of patient’s own fat tissue


Based on indications and desired effect, one of the three following surgical procedures can be performed:

1. Anterior colporrhaphy is a surgery on the front vaginal wall that is performed in case of anterior vaginal wall prolapse or bladder prolapsed.

2. Posterior colporrhaphy is a surgery on the posterior vaginal wall that is performed for some medical indications such as rectal hernia, risk of uterine prolapse, or incontinence.

3. Reduction of vaginal orifice is a surgery that makes the vaginal orifice narrower; it is performed when there are significant ruptures or overstretching of vaginal tissues.

Genital plastic surgery price list


Surgical correction of inner and outer labia

от 63 000 rub
Vaginal orifice reduction
от 127 000 rub
от 75 000 rub
Surgical defloration
от 43 000 rub
G spot enhancement

Using the patient’s own fat or fillers

от 43 000 rub
Hymen restoration


от 75 000 rub
Pubic liposuction
от 64 000 rub
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A leading plastic surgeon specializing in feminine genital plastic surgery

The surgery is focused on the aesthetic correction of feminine genital area/

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