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Face and neck surgery

(Face surgery, face lift, facial lifting, platysmaplasty)

Surgical face and neck rejuvenation.

Alexey Dikarev
Alexey Dikarev,
A leading plastic surgeon specializing in face and neck surgery
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration from 1 hrs to 5 hrs
Residency from 3 days

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Surgical face and neck rejuvenation

Total facelift

Comprehensive face and neck rejuvenation

Periorbital rejuvenation

Eyes area, upper and lower face rejuvenation


Neck area rejuvenation

Lower facelift

Neck and lower face rejuvenation

Ageing of the face

Ageing of the facial soft tissues happens in different ways for different people. There are three types of ageing:

Small-wrinkle type. There are many small wrinkles; the skin is thin and dry, prone to redness and irritations. Subcutaneous tissue is scarce, but muscular tone is preserved for a long time, therefore the facial structure does not change.

Gravitational type: sagging of soft facial tissues. Usually, jowls, creases on the neck and décolleté area, bags under eyes and sagging eyelids develop. The skin remains elastic, not showing wrinkles or pigmented spots.

Muscular type. There is a well-developed muscular layer and a small amount of subcutaneous fat. Discoloration of the skin (pigmented spots), sagging and folded eyelids, deep nasolabial creases and droopy mouth corners are the features of this type. However, the skin remains smooth for a long time, and the facial contour is preserved even very late in life.

Indications for surgical face and neck rejuvenation

  • Droopy eyelids
  • Bags under eyes
  • Saggy eyebrows and forehead
  • Wrinkles in the areas of nose, cheeks and temples
  • Vertical lines on the cheeks
  • Deep nasolabial creases
  • Second chin
  • Wrinkles and flabby skin on the neck

Surgical face and neck rejuvenation price list

Circular facelift

Full surgical face and neck rejuvenation: endoscopic lift of the middle and upper face; fat-sparing blepharoplasty, neck liposuction and face lipofilling; space lift or SMAS lift; platysmaplasty; neck lift and ears correction.

от 657 000 rub
Periorbital rejuvenation

Circular blepharoplasty + endoscopic lift of upper and middle zones of the face + lipofilling + correction of upper eyelid levator muscles, corrugators and of nasolacrimal groove with patient’s own tissues.

от 375 000 rub
от 97 000 rub
от 295 000 rub
от 295 000 rub
Cheek lift
от 187 000 rub
Comprehensive lift of lower face and neck
от 423 000 rub
Endoscopic upper facial lift
от 147 000 rub
Open upper facial lift
от 163 000 rub
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A leading plastic surgeon specializing in face and neck surgery

Surgical face and neck rejuvenation.

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