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(Calf enlargement, lower leg plasty, calf plasty, enhancement of calf muscles)

The surgery is focused on enhancement of calf volume with implants.

Anton Lesnyakov
Anton Lesnyakov,
Leading plastic surgeon specializing in cruroplasty
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration 3 hrs
Residency from 3 days
Recovery period1 month
Sutures removal in 10 days
Compression band recommended for1 month
Final result can be appreciated in 1,5 to 2 months.

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Indications for cruroplasy

There should be several touching points and three interspaces between harmoniously shaped legs. For that, knee joints should not deviate outward from the leg axis by more than 1 cm.

In O-shaped and X-shaped deformities, the knee joints are significantly misaligned from the axis, either outward or inward. Such cases require orthopaedic treatment along with special corrections.

Круропластика, увеличение голени в Сочи
Leg shape ©

In pseudo deformity, leg anatomy is regular, and joints are not misaligned with the axis. However, calf muscles are underdeveloped and there are no contact points between the calves.

In such case, cruroplasty is helpful.

What are the problems solved by cruroplasty?

Cruroplasty technique

Круропластика, установка имплантов в голени в Сочи
Cruroplasty technique

1. A plastic surgeon makes a cut in the natural fold on the back of the knee.

2. The surgeon then forms a pocket and inserts the implant.

3. Then the wound is stitched, and a sterile bandage is applied.

Cruroplasty price list

270 000 rub
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