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Tubular breast correction

(Plastic surgery of the breast, breast shape repair)

The surgery is focused on correction and enlargement of conical breast.

Anton Lesnyakov
Anton Lesnyakov,
A leading plastic surgeon specializing in tubular breast correction
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration 4 hrs
Residency from 2 days
Recovery period 1 month
Stitches removalafter 14 days
Compression underwear recommended for 1 month
Final results are assessed after 6 months

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What is tubular breast?

Tubular breast is an anomalous aesthetic imperfection, which causes the breasts to elongate in the shape of tubes, so called tubules.

Tubular breasts grow only upward and forward. There is no growth sidewise and downward because of rigidity of connective tissue. The development of tubules is caused by genetic predisposition, therefore it is an inherited condition practically in all the cases.

Types of tubular breast

Tubular breast Type I

In type I tubular breast, changes in the shape of breasts are not very obvious.

As a result of small shortage of glandular tissue inside the breast and in its lower part, the breast is shifted upwards, and the nipple tilts downwards.

Типы тубулярной груди, коррекция тубулярной груди Сочи

Tubular breast Type II

In type II tubular breast, the shortage of glandular tissue in the lower part causes the breast to shifts downwards, while the nipple flattens and the areola gets larger.

Типы тубулярной груди, коррекция тубулярной груди Сочи

Tubular breast Type III

Due to shortage of glandular tissue throughout all breast, it elongates visibly, the areola gets stretched and the nipple becomes absolutely flat.

Типы тубулярной груди, коррекция тубулярной груди Сочи

Tubular breast plastic surgery

For tubular breast correction, breast implants are used. However, the surgery for tubular breast correction is more complicated than the insertion of ordinary implants.

If implants were inserted like in normal breast enlargement surgery, it does not change the tubular breast type. Therefore, the surgery for tubular breast should be reconstructive.

Surgery phases:

Коррекция тубулярной груди в Сочи
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Tubular breast correction price list

Correction of tubular deformity

Anatomical implants

254 000 rub
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