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(Lip augmentation, lip correction)

The surgical procedure focuses on improving lip shape and size.

Alexey Dikarev
Alexey Dikarev,
Leading plastic surgeon specializing in cheiloplasty
Anesthesia Sedation
Surgery duration 1 hrs
Residency from 2 days
Recovery period1 to 2 months
Sutures removal in 10 days
Sensation of tightness in the lips2 to 3 days
Swelling2 to 4 weeks
Final resultin 2 to 3 months

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What problems can be solved with cheiloplasty?

Y-V cheiloplasty

Used to enhance lips shape and to boost up lips volume. V-Y cheiloplasty can reduce the horizontal dimension of lips and create so called Cupid bow.

Хейлопластика, увеличение губ в Сочи
Y-V cheiloplasty technique

A surgeon takes in some lip tissue while shifting the mucous membrane and enhancing the volume. V-shaped incisions that are later stitched up with Y-shaped sutures represent this technique’s special feature.

Later on, the stitches completely disappear without leaving any traces.

Paris cheiloplasty

Paris technique is an advanced version of the V-Y technique.

During the procedure, the surgeon lifts the central part of the upper lip, forming a heart shape. The procedure is similar in method to V-Y technique but, unlike V-Y, incisions are made both horizontally and vertically.

Bullhorn cheiloplasty

Using this technique, a surgeon lifts the upper lip, shifting it closer to the nose.

Хейлопластика, увеличение губ в Сочи
Bullhorn technique

During this procedure, the surgeon removes a narrow wave-shaped strip of the skin at the base of the nose. As the suture tightens, the upper lip shifts up and the lips become fuller.

Cheiloplasty price list

Bullhorn cheiloplasty

Surgical enhancement of the upper lip

59 000 rub

One lip

59 000 rub

Upper and lower lips

96 000 rub
Decorative elementDecorative element
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