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(Buttocks augmentation, buttocks plastic surgery)

The surgery is focused on augmenting the volume and improving the shape of the buttocks by installing implants.

Anton Lesnyakov
Anton Lesnyakov,
Leading plastic surgeon specializing in gluteoplasty
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration 2 hrs
Residency from 3 days
Recovery period1 month
Suture removal in 14 days
Compression underwear recommended for 1.5 months
Final results are assessed after 1.5 to 2 moths

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What is gluteoplasty?

Gluteoplasty is a type of plastic surgery focused on correcting the shape and volume of the buttocks. The surgery is performed with implants installation.

Gluteoplasty implants

To perform gluteoplasty, three types of gluteal implants are used, round, oval and anatomical ones, with a volume of 140 to 180 ml.

  1. Round implants are used to make the buttocks look rounder, but they may not look natural when moving.
  2. Oval implants improve the roundness and are not noticeable when moving.
  3. Drop-shaped implants correct the buttocks appearance and adopt their natural shape.

Problems that can be solved by gluteoplasty

Gluteoplasty techniques

Глютеопластика, пластика ягодиц в Сочи
Gluteoplasty phases
  1. A plastic surgeon makes an incision of up to 6 cm in the fold of skin between the buttocks;
  2. A pocket for the implant under the gluteus muscle or inside the muscle;
  3. The buttock implant is installed;
  4. The tissues are sewn up, and the skin is stitched up with a cosmetic stitch.

Gluteoplasty price list

Buttocks enlargement with silicone implants

Buttocks enlargement with silicone implants placement

248 000 rub
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