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Breast lipofilling

(Breast enlargement, fat transfer breast augmentation; mammary glands lipofilling; Breast lipofilling.)

This surgical procedure focuses on breast enlargement by transferring the patient’s own fat cells, without incisions or scars.

Anton Lesnyakov
Anton Lesnyakov,
A leading plastic surgeon specializing in breast lipofilling
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration 2 hrs
Residency from 2 days
Recovery period1 month
Bruises, swelling7 to 10 days
Final resultin 3 to 6 months

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What is breast lipofilling?

Breast lipofilling is a plastic surgery focused on changing breast shape and volume using the patient’s own fat tissue.

What problems are solved with breast lipofilling?

Breast lipofilling phases

Taking fat tissue

The fat tissue is taken from problem areas, such as buttocks, abdomen, arms, back or legs.

Зоны для липофилинга груди, увеличение груди жиром в Сочи
Areas for fat tissue taking ©

The needed amount of fat tissue is taken with a cannula, that is a special tube with a rounded tip.

A plastic surgeon makes small incisions in the places where the fat tissue is taken. When taking fat tissue, nerve ending and blood vessels remain intact and uninjured.

Забор жировой ткани для липофилинга груди
Fat tissue taking ©

Preparing fat tissue for breast lipofilling

In the process of taking fat tissue some blood and cells injured during the procedure can get into the syringe. They need to be removed before transplantation.

The fat tissue is processed in a special centrifuge until it gets smooth and homogenous, free of chunks or globules.

Fat tissue transplantation

The prepared fat tissue is introduced into pre-marked areas by small columns.

The plastic surgeon distributes the transplanted fat in the muscles and subcutaneous tissue of the breast.

Липофилинг груди, липофилинг молочных желез в Сочи
Process of breast lipofilling ©

One procedure is enough to enlarge the breast by one size maximum, or more often, by half a size.

After stabilization of the breast size, approximately 70% of transplanted fatty cells volume remain in the breast.

Breast lipofilling price list

Breast enlargement by lipofilling
255 000 rub
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