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Breast augmentation

(Breast enhancement with implants, mammary endoprosthetics, breast augmentation, mammoplasty.)

The surgery is focused on inserting silicon implants to change the shape and size of the breasts.

Anton Lesnyakov
Anton Lesnyakov,
A leading specialist in breast augmentation
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration 2 hrs
Residency from 2 days
Sutures are removed on day 10 to 12
Breast swelling and tightleness2 to 3 months
Final results for breast shape in 8 months
Compression underwear recommended for 3 to 4 weeks of constant wearing, and for 2 to 4 weeks more at night
Recovery of nipples erogenic sensitivity in 1 to 2 months

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What are the problems solved with breast enlargement?

What are the problems that cannot be solved with breast enlargement?

Surgical access in breast enlargement

Breast enlargement through the inframammary crease or submammary access

Субмаммарный доступ при увеличении груди в Сочи
Access through the inframammary crease ©laser-surgery-bangkok

This is the most common type of access that is widely used. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon makes a cut in the area of natural crease under the breast. This cut is 3 to 5 cm long. Through this incision, the surgeon forms «a pocket» for the implant and inserts it.

Benefits of the submammary access:

The plastic surgeon has a good visual control over the progress of the surgery.

Breast enlargement by periareolar access

Периареолярный доступ при увеличении груди в Сочи
Access through the areola contour ©laser-surgery-bangkok

The incision is made along the lower border between the nipple areola and the breast skin. After the incision, the plastic surgeon cuts through the breast tissue or around and below it, forms a pocket for an implant and inserts the implant. This access is indicated for patients with the areola diameter of 2,5 cm or more. If the diameter is smaller, the surgery would be difficult, as the implant cannot be inserted through a small incision.

Benefits of access through the areola contour:

Breast enlargement through the axillary crease: axillary access or endoscopic breast enlargement

Аксиллярный доступ при увеличении груди в Сочи
Axillary access ©laser-surgery-bangkok

In the case of axillary access, a plastic surgeon makes an incision along the axillary crease.

In such access, endoscopy equipment can be used to form pockets and insert implants.

Advantages of axillary access:

Positions of implants in breast enlargement

The implant is placed under the breast gland: subglandular implant

In this method, breast implants are placed between the breast and the major pectoral muscle. The implant is covered with the breast tissues and with subcutaneous fat.

Расположение импланта под молочной железой при увеличении груди в Сочи
Subglandular position ©

The implant is placed under a muscle: subpectoral or two-dimensional position

In this case, the implants are placed partly under the major pectoral muscle and partly under the mammary gland, so that the major pectoral muscle covers the upper part of the implant, and the mammary gland covers the lower part.

Расположение импланта под мышцей при расположении груди в Сочи
Submuscular position ©

Breast enlargement price list

Breast enlargement

Round implants

222 000 rub
Breast enlargement

Anatomical implants

222 000 rub
Breast implant replacement

Replacement or removal of implants. Round implants

243 000 rub
Breast implant replacement

Replacement or removal of implants. Anatomical implants.

243 000 rub
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