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(Eyelid lift, eye lift, blepharoplasty)

The surgical procedure is focused on removing and redistributing excessive tissue on upper.

Alexey Dikarev
Alexey Dikarev,
A leading plastic surgeon specializing in blepharoplasty
Anesthesia Narcosis
Surgery duration from 1 hrs to 2 hrs
Residency from 2 to 3 days
Sutures removal after 4 to 5 days
Final results are assessed 2 months after the surgery

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Indications for blepharoplasty

Upper blepharoplasty

Блефаропластика верхних век в Сочи
Upper eyelid blepharoplasty ©Alexonline

Phases of upper blepharoplasty:

1. A plastic surgeon makes an incision in the natural fold on the upper lid.

2. Excessive skin, muscles and fat are removed.

3. A new upper eyelid fold is formed to make the eye look natural and to hide the postoperative scar.

In some cases, the plastic surgeon can also lift the tip of the eyebrow and fix the tissues in the new position. This manipulation makes the look younger and friendlier.

Lower blepharoplasty

The blepharoplasty of lower eyelids helps solve the problems of bags under eyes, saggy lower eyelids or their eversion.

Plastic surgeons use two types of access in lower blepharoplasty:

- Transcutaneous access is performed on external side of the eyelid, under the eyelashes.

- Transconjunctival access is performed from the inner side of the lower eyelid.

Transcutaneous blepharoplasty is used when there is a need to redistribute fat deposits and to remove some skin. The incision is made just below the eyelashes growth line.

Блефаропластика нижних век в Сочи

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is used only for the removal or redistribution of fat tissues. The incision is made along the conjunctiva.

Блефаропластика нижних век в Сочи

Circular blepharoplasty

Circular blepharoplasty is a combination of upper and lower blepharoplasty.

Круговая блефаропластика в Сочи
Circular blepharoplasty ©Alexonline

Phases of circular blepharoplasty:

1. A plastic surgeon makes two incisions: inside the natural fold of the upper lid and along the lower lid, just below the eyelashes growth line.

2. Excessive skin is removed.

3. Fat tissues are removed or redistributed.

4. The skin is lifted and the incisions are stitched up.

Blepharoplasty price list

Upper blepharoplasty
64 000 rub
Lower blepharoplasty
64 000 rub
Circular blepharoplasty

A combination of upper and lower blepharoplasty

97 000 rub
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