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Evgenia Piloyan

Breast oncologist

Professional communities

Russian Association of Onco-Mammologists

Diplomas and certificates

About myself

I graduated from Kuban Medical University with a degree in Oncology and thoracic surgery.

I have knowledge of all the types of cancer, and I specialize in breast oncology.

I am working on diagnostics, mammography research and surgical treatment of breast cancer. I perform reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomy: breast reconstruction using an expander, an implant or a transplant with patient’s own tissues.

Breast reconstruction with grafts of patient’s own tissues requires microsurgical skills. To master them, I studied at the Center for Microsurgical Training in St. Petersburg, where I gained experience in stitching vessels of any diameter, even as thin as a human hair.

I am a member of a professional association, Russian OncoMammologist Society.


1. Kuban State Medical University. Doctor of Medicine, 2016.

2. Residency at the Department: Oncology with the course of Thoracic Surgery”, 2018

Доктор Пилоян Евгения Альбертовна
Доктор Пилоян Евгения Альбертовна
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