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Russia, Sochi, GAZPROM mountain resort

Comfort and services

We created the best service specializing in plastic surgery in Russia: we are confident about that!

As Ilf and Petrov wrote in One-Storied America,

Service is the aptitude to serve elevated to perfection.

We have been frequent visitors to top clinics in the USA and Europe. We have not seen anything extraordinary about surgical techniques, but there are a lot of things to learn from in terms of services. It is easy to discuss what we saw, but implementing the ideas in practice is much harder.

It took us a whole year to decide on the location where we could set up a clinic that would provide the service meeting the top international standards. We compiled a list of requirements including 120 paragraphs, chose 45 sites all across Russia, analyzed each one and made a final choice of Gazprom Mountain Tourism Center. It was the only site that met all our criteria. Just look and consider:

  • Extensive and security guarded territory requiring a permit for access;
  • Ecologically friendly area with clean air because of its location, high up in the mountains, far away from big cities;
  • New modern infrastructure built specifically for Olympic Games 2014, which is currently ideally maintained because it serves as a venue for international political forums.
  • It has its own artesian well, medical ambulance, fire fighting and security services.

⭐We value our time and our patients’ time. Our specially developed rehabilitation programs help return to usual life style fast.

Правила реабилитации после пластической операции
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