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Russia, Sochi, GAZPROM mountain resort

Fast recovery

Unique place and climate

The clinic is located in the Gazprom Center of Alpine Tourism at the altitude of 1389 meters above the sea level,offering fascinating vista of mountaintops and clouds in the sky.

Moderate climate and pure mountain air contribute to speedier recovery after a surgery and reduce the risk of complications. There is an artesian well with clear drinking water on the territory of the clinic. The water can be drank right from the well, and even children can enjoy drinking tap water.

Less bacteria

French biologist and chemist Louis Pasteur proved long ago that in the mountains, at high altitudes, the number of bacteria in the air is ten times lower than in an urban environment.

Клиника пластической хирургии на высоте

Everything is under control

Our medical personnel are on duty 24/7. They are effective and non-intrusive, and respond momentarily to any requests from our patients, providing close monitoring at every step of recovery process.

Лечебный массаж в клинике пластической хирургии

Rest and recovery

Follow-up care period provides you with opportunity to have a good resort-style vacation. The center offers a spa facility to its clients. There are also options to organize hiking or horse riding tours, guided tours, and detox services.

A professional massage therapist offers a special rehabilitation massage sessions aiming to boost reparative processes, to improve general heath and to restore depleted resources of the body.

Safety and confidentiality

All about surgery safety, emergency situations and your confidentiality.

Comfort and services

We deliver the best plastic surgery experience in Russia: we are confident about that.

Information for patients

Planning the surgery: a list of laboratory tests; getting ready for surgery; recommendations.

Advanced training in the clinic

Information for surgeons and aestheticians who want to upgrade their skills. We are happy to share our knowledge, so you are welcome.

Legal information

Clinic info and bank details. Licenses. Regulatory authorities.

Information for nonresident patients

Instructions for visiting patients - a plan of action from consultation to full rehabilitation.

Medical tourism

All about medical tourism

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