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Russia, Sochi, GAZPROM mountain resort

Legal information

Company info and bank details:

OOO Aesthetic Collective

Tax reference INN: 2308246949

Tax registration code KPP: 230801001

Primary State registration number OGRN: 1172375057920

National index of businesses and organizations OKPO: 18955366


RCBIC (BIK): 046015207

Correspondent account: 30101810500000000207

Current account: 40702810926190000851

Registered at: 7, Stakhanovaskayast., office 9,

Krasnodar, Krasnodarsky region, 350051, Russia.

Mailing address: P.O.box18, Krasnaya Polyana urban settlement, Krasnodarsky region, 354392, Russia

Director: Dikarev Alexey Sergeyevich


Check the license on Federal Service for Supervision in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) website

Laws and regulations:

Regulatory authorities:

Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Region

Phone: +7 (861) 992-53-02

Address: 276, Kommunarov st., Krasnodar, 350000.

Roszdravnadzor Office for Krasnodar Region:

Phone: +7 (861) 275-39-00

Fax: (861) 275-39-10

Address: 39, Vasnetsova st., Krasnodar, 350059, Russia

Rospotrebnadzor Office for Krasnodar Region:

Phone: +7 (861) 259-36-86

Address: 100, Rashpilevskaya st., Krasnodar, 350000

Territorial body of the Federal Service on Surveillance in Health care in Krasnodar Region

Address: 39 Vasnetsova st. Krasnodar, 350059 Russia


Phone: (861) 275-39-00

Fax: (861) 275-39-10

Department of State Control and Surveillance in the Sphere of Medical and Social Services Provision

Phone: (861) 275-39-15

Territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor for Krasnodar Region in the Resort City of Sochi

Address: 27 Roz st., Resort City of Sochi, Krasnodar Region, 354000

Phone: +7 (862)264-79-48

Department for retail market and services of the Administration of the City of Sochi

Address: Offices 37-38, 3rd floor of the Administration building.

26, Sovetskaya st., Sochi, 351000.

Phone: +7 (862) 264-79-48

Territorial Department of Administration of Federal Service on Surveillance in the sphere of protection of consumers rights and human wellbeing for Krasnodar Region in the Resort City of Sochi

Address: 27 Roz st., Resort City of Sochi, Krasnodar Region, 354000

Phone: +7 (862) 264-79-48


Safety and confidentiality

All about surgery safety, emergency situations and your confidentiality.

Comfort and services

We deliver the best plastic surgery experience in Russia: we are confident about that.

Fast recovery

All about post-surgery recovery, comfortable experience and unique environment.

Information for patients

Planning the surgery: a list of laboratory tests; getting ready for surgery; recommendations.

Advanced training in the clinic

Information for surgeons and aestheticians who want to upgrade their skills. We are happy to share our knowledge, so you are welcome.

Information for nonresident patients

Instructions for visiting patients - a plan of action from consultation to full rehabilitation.

Medical tourism

All about medical tourism

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