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Information for nonresident patients

Consultation with a surgeon

You can consult a plastic surgeon remotely, with photo video connection by WhatsApp or Skype.

To consult a surgeon remotely, contact the clinic administrators in any way convenient for you:

After consulting a surgeon, an administrator will contact you to choose the date of the surgery.

Do your tests

The tests may be done in any laboratory, in a private or a public clinic. As soon as you get the tests results, please send their scan to our e-mail This is needed so that the surgeon and anesthesiologist can make sure in advance that it is safe to perform the surgery.

Please bring to the clinic the original test results with a physician’s signature and a stamp of the issuing medical institution.

When to arrive to the clinic?

You should arrive to the clinic one day before the surgery.

If a surgery is scheduled for December, 10, you should come to the clinic on December 9, from 16:00 to 19:30

If you come to the clinic in the morning, or before 16:00, we will accommodate you in a patient room. The price of accommodation will amount to the price of half a day’s stay.

How to get there?

The clinic is located in Krasnaya Polyana, second floor of the hotel Polyana 1389.

We can set up a transfer to the clinic from the airport of the train station for you. Please make a reservation with the clinic’s administrators. The transfer costs 2400 rubles or more.

If you arrive on your own, you should reach the public cultural center Galactica.

From Galactica, rise by funicular to the hotel Polyana 1389.

The clinic administrators will send you a free ticket to the funicular.

Stay in the clinic

The surgery is performed on the following day after your arrival. Right after the surgery, you will be transferred to the intensive care unit. On the next day, you will be housed in a room with all modern amenities, where you will stay until the release.

The cost of each surgery includes the minimal recommended stay in the clinic for 2 to 5 days. The sutures are removed after 7 to 14 days, depending on the surgery.

If you leave before the sutures removal, the sutures can be removed in any clinic of your city. If you with, you can stay until the removal of the sutures.

Cost of accommodation:

  • For one-person accommodation – 15 000 rubles per day
  • For two-persons accommodation – 10 000 rubles per day


In the period of recovery after the surgery, you will be under round-the-clock surveillance of the consulting physician and the nurses. After long surgeries, an anesthesiologist is also on duty.

Every day, the consulting physician performs examinations and bandaging. No additional pay is needed; everything is included into the price.

For speedier recovery, you can take a course of rehab massage with our massage therapist.

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